Sell your tea effortlessly.

Steeped is a tea marketplace which connects merchants and customers.

Two tablets showing the Steeped Merchant Panel
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How does it work?

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Import Products

For e-commerce platforms, we offer integrations to import your products. Products already available on our platform can be preselected. Alternatively, you can manually add a product.

Steeped Merchant Panel on the products tab shows that you can import products from e-commerce platforms
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Steeped Merchant Panel on the products tab shows a table of products with product details
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Manage Products

Get an overview of all your products and manage active products, discontinued items and future drafts. Add tea-related details to your products like harvest time, location and more, set the price and update the availability.

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Check Orders

Get an overview of all the orders you need to fulfill. Every order has a clearly structured order history and all the information you need to quickly ship your products. Add tracking information for your customers to stay up to date.

The order page of the Steeped Merchant Panel shows the order status, details, billing address, paying method, delivery address and shipping method
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The balance page of the Steeped Merchant Panel shows the current balance, the next payout date and recent transactions
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Review Payments

Review your recent transactions on the dashboard, view your current balance and get paid.

Why Steeped?

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Enter the online market cheap and effortless
It’s super effortless to enter the online market with Steeped. You don’t need to setup a website or anything. If you have an online shop we may be able to connect to it.
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Sell to a tea-interested target group
On Steeped you can be certain to sell to a target group which is interested in tea. In contrast to selling on other platforms you naturally have higher conversion rates.
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Free exposure of your products to buyers
You will gain organic traffic from our established user base without any effort or cost. Our risk free, commission based model allows you to pay only when you sell.
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Increase your online share to save costs
If you have a retail store it’s profitable to increase your online share to reduce costs for rent and staff. Online sales are more cost-efficient than in store sales.
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Gain social proof with customer reviews
Steeped is built around the concept of ratings and reviews. With reviews you can increase the trust and reputation of your brand and products.
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Notify your customers about new releases
Customers can activate notifications for new products from you. This helps you to gain constant traffic and increase customer loyalty.