Digital Brewing Instructions for each of your Teas

Get a unique brewing app for each of your teas. By scanning a special QR code on your packaging, customers can open the app instantly without installation.
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Try it yourself by scanning the code with your phone
Try it yourself with your phone
Scan Code on Packaging
Customers scan the code printed on your tea packaging with their Apple iPhone or Android phone.
Open App without Installation
Instantly open the app without installation thanks to the Apple App Clip and Google Instant App technology.
Get Brewing Instructions
The installed app contains the brewing instructions and parameters for your particular tea.
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How it works

Upload Tea Information

Tell us the name and brewing parameters of your tea.

Generate QR Code

We will generate a unique QR code for each of your tea.

Print Code on Packaging

Scanning each code will open a unique app with the right parameters.
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Features of the App

A screenshot of the Steeped App showing the five brewing methods.
Screenshots of the Steeped App showing step by step brewing instructions.
Screenshot of the Steeped App showing brewing parameters like water, temperature, leaves amount and steeping time.

Why Steeped?

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Customers Understand Brewing Easily
Our brewing instructions are more than a list of brewing parameters. We offer a full step by step guide visualized with beautiful illustrations. This helps your customers to brew a new tea with ease.
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Instructions for 5 Brewing Methods
Traditional instructions on the packaging only relate to Western Style or Gong Fu Style. We go beyond that and additionally offer Grandpa Style, Cold Brew and Matcha instructions.
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Perfect Parameters for your Particular Tea
Our brewing codes open an individual app for each of your tea with individual brewing parameters. You simply enter the data in our web panel so your customers can enjoy a tailored experience.
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Right Parameters without Calculation
Steeped takes over the calculation for the customer. The right temperature, leaves amount and steeping time are calculated based on the selected brewing method, water amount and intensity preference.
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Timer for Multiple Infusions
Customers can enjoy multiple infusions with ease. The steeping time differs for each infusion and is automatically applied by using the timer.
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Parameters can always be updated
On our web panel you can always update the brewing parameters for each of your teas. Changes are reflected in the app without printing a new code.
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Use less space than printed instructions
Space on the packaging can often be quite limiting. Especially detailed instructions take a lot of space. Our brewing codes instead are much smaller.
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Offer instructions in multiple languages
Your brewing instructions will automatically be available in multiple languages including English, German, French, Italian, Russian and more coming.